Baby Phat Card - A Popular Prepaid Visa Card

Published: 18th January 2012
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The baby phat card is also called the rush card and is created by Russell Simmons the cofounder of death jam record label. He also created a very popular clothing line and has now put his hand in the financial industry with this prepaid offer.

The idea behind this card was to give everyone access to a major visa card. In today's ever increasingly technology driven economy a visa card is almost a necessity for life. If you don't have one and cash is your only method to buy things then you cannot fully participate in our economy.

It will be accepted nationwide and even internationally. You can use it everywhere you see the visa sign on display. It can be used to make purchases online, over the phone, to rent a car, to reserve airfare, and to even just buy gas at the pump.

This is a prepaid card so you're going to first have to put money on it and then it can be used. It is going to give you free direct deposit and this can save you roughly $3 - $5 by avoiding paying to have your check cashed. You can direct deposit: benefit checks, government checks, unemployment checks, payroll checks…

It is estimated that this will give you your money 48 hours sooner than if you didn't use direct deposit. You will have 24 - 7 online account access so all you need to do is login to see if your check is deposited or not.

To sign up for this all you have to do is log in to your online account, print up a form, and turn that into your employer. It will typically take one or two pay periods and then your checks will directly be deposited into your account, however you will still be able to pick up a pay stub where you previously got your check.

This card is a great alternative to a checking account because also going to be given bill pay. This service will enable you to pay your bills such as: rent, utilities, car loan, phone, cable… All you have to do is go to the bill pay area in your account interface type in the name of the business, the amount of the payment, and the date you want it sent.

You don't even have to pay postage and a check is going to be sent on the date you indicated. You can schedule future payments, one time only payments, and recurring or monthly payments. You can also get free text and e-mail alerts about your account activity such as: when your direct deposit has cleared, when a payment has been made, when your balance is low…

There are four different designs for this prepaid card. You'll be able to choose which design you want during the application process and will have the choices of: pink, blue, purple, or the traditional black.

This card is FDIC insured and will be covered under the Visa $0 liability policy. This is insurance in case your card is ever lost or stolen your money is still going to be safe and sound. There is no credit check and because you can only spend the money you have deposited you will never run the risk of going in debt.

We would encourage you to fully research this offer and consider it as it can save you a tremendous amount of money on check cashing fees and money orders. Additionally it will provide you with the power of the major visa, so you can fully participate in our economy.


For additional information about the baby phat card a popular prepaid reloadable card visit us.

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