Ready Debit Prepaid Visa Card - Review

Published: 30th July 2012
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The Ready Debit prepaid Visa card was created for individuals without access to a checking account. This is because it can help you avoid paying check-cashing fees and buying money orders.

The Ready Debit prepaid Visa card is accepted online and over the phone. However this is not a traditional credit card, you will not pay an interest rate and before you can use your Ready Debit card for purchases you must first load money onto it.

How To Load Money On Your Ready Debit Prepaid Card

Ready Debit provides you with a variety of ways to load money on your card, the most common method is using direct deposit. You will not be charged any fees to use direct deposit and it often gives you quicker access to your money because you will no longer have to go and cash your paycheck.

To use direct deposit all you have to do is print up a direct deposit form, which is available in your Ready Debit account interface. Next you sign the form and turn it in to your employer or paycheck provider. Many cardholders take advantage of direct deposit because it saves them money and time on check cashing fees and trips.

You can also load cash onto a Ready Debit card by using a green dot money pack. A green dot money pack is available for purchase at many popular retail stores such as; Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart …

Just to illustrate a green dot money pack let's say you have $100 you want to load onto your prepaid card. You will need to buy a $100 green dot money pack and after you pay the cashier $100 plus the cost of the green dot money pack which is currently about $5, you then follow the instructions on the back of the green dot money pack package. Then your $100 will be loaded onto your Ready Debit account within a few minutes.

You can also load cash at any store showing a Visa ReadyLynk symbol, some retail stores include Walmart, CVS, and many convenience stores. When you use this method you just simply hand the cashier your $100 using the above example, and they will swipe your Ready Debit card through the register and then your money is loaded onto your account immediately.

You can also transfer money without any charges from a checking or savings account. The last method and one of the most beneficial features of the Ready Debit prepaid Visa card is that you can share money with other cardholders.

Let's use an example to illustrate how useful this feature is because it is not a common option for prepaid debit cards. You can log in online or call a toll-free 800 number and transfer money from your account to anyone else's card account. This is ideal for parents teaching kids financial responsibility or to help loved ones out financially that are away from home.

The Ready Debit card will also give you a method to pay your bills with a paper check. You can use your Ready Debit Visa card online and over the phone to pay your bills and make purchases. However you can also use without any additional fees a feature called online bill pay.

To use this feature you must login to your account online and fill in the name of the business or individual that you want the payment to be sent to. The next step is to fill in the amount and the date you want the payment sent. You can schedule monthly payments, future payments, one-time payments and are in essence given access to a checking account.

If you are having to go to the store to buy a money order and then mail in your payment, online bill pay can be a huge time and money saver. You can also sign up for free daily account balance alerts via text messages and e-mail, to help you manage your money more effectively.

The last and probably most unique feature about the Ready Debit prepaid card is that they give you access to credit score tracker if you are using direct deposit. This tool will tell you exactly what your credit score currently is and you will have continuous access to it to see your credit score go up and down as time passes. There is no charge for this as long as you are using direct deposit.


For a full review of how the readydebit prepaid card works and how other reloadable debit cards work visit us, you can access other bad credit card reviews.

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